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The third tape in the Live Expanse series from LONGITUDINAL EXPANSE is ready to ship from our headquarters to yours. You can also stream an excerpt of the mix exclusive to this cassette release on our Soundcloud page.

Live Expanse 3 tapes

Ringing endlessly from a bottomless pit, LONGITUDINAL EXPANSE will be releasing the third tape in their "Live Expanse" series on April 2nd. This release features recordings from a continuous three hour session that took place on August 5th, 2012, produced using the original multi-track recordings for the first time exclusively for this cassette release.

More information available in our store.

Live Expanse 3

Copies of musique concrète/drone artist Hannah Hoch's new album "Floeberg" are now available for $4 in our distro thanks to our friends at Snowfall Tapes! Grab a copy here, or stream/download the album on the Hannah Hoch bandcamp.


Almost a year to the day after the release of their first LP, NORTHERN AGGRESSION will be returning on January 24th to release their new EP, "Highway 666." This release shows the band solidfying their sound of black metal riffs and psychedelic interludes and tells the story of a group of recently deceased friends that must road trip across hell's Highway 666 in order to save themselves from the reaper. The run will be limited to 66, hand-numbered copies. You can stream a track from the EP now on our Soundcloud page as well as read more information about the release in our store.

Highway 666

The third full-length album from LONGITUDINAL EXPANSE, "Studies in Structure," is now available in our store! Grab a copy here or stream the album on the Longitudinal Expanse bandcamp. You can also watch a performance of "Downward Spiral" from the album on our YouTube page.